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ilyasviel's application

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1 ilyasviel's application on Sat Feb 13, 2010 7:07 am


Forum noob
Forum noob
1. Character Informations:

Character Name: EnmaAi

Class: Sniper

Build: Abusive Crit Build / Status dps Build

Base/Job Level: 99/69

Is this your main char?:
Yes, One of my three main characters I'm planning on having two or three characters..
1 sniper for PVM... farming purposes
1 High Priest for WOE and MVPing
1 Lord Knight for GvG and MVPing

If not, how often do you play this alt?:
This character will be the character that I will be playing I'll only use the other main 2 if i is needed

How often do you play RO in general?:
almost everyday except Monday and if I have upcoming exams

What are the names and classes of the characters you play most often?:
EnmaAi - Sniper
Zange - Priest
I still havent made a lord knight since it's a pain to make one if you don't have sufficient funds

When and where are you usually ingame?:
Prontera, yuno_fild08, abbey02

How long have you been playing RO?:
I have been playing RO for almost 7 years
but I didn't dedicate my time in playing RO since I jumped from one online game to another but I ragnarok is my most favorite and most played game till now.

Past servers:
Chaos, LOKI, DArkRO, AeRO, gRO

Past Guild(s): I've been through a lot of guild bust my last guild was noobsquad from darkro. I can't remember all the guild's that I've been.

Current Guild(s): None

If this isn’t your first guild in this server, why did you leave your old guild?
It's my first guild in this server I left my past guild cause darkro had a rollback and hey have failed to adapt to the changes and up to now the werver is slowly going down

Why do you think Pink Nightmare is the right guild for you?
I find this guild formal and a serious guild. I don't want to join just a guild that does chatting all day. I feel that I can improve more in this game if I join this guild.

How did you hear about us?:
I just read the forums and I saw one of your members in prontera

Do you like/plan on WoEing with us?:
Yes, I'm willing to participate I'm not after for salaries. Money isn't much of a concern to me

How well can you follow instructions?:
I follow the instructions very well as long as it is right and it will help people

Do you like to participate in guild chat?:
Yes, I like to chat a lot since I've been jumping from one MMORPG to another leveling can be quite hard that you will level atleast 1-3 times a week which would be boring if you don't have anyone to talk to

Have you read and understood the guild rules and what is expected of you?
Yes... The guild's rule is not hard to follow and is pretty much standard

1a. Equipments:

Headgear: Apple o Archer
Mid: Binoculars
Weapon: +10 quadruple critical composite bow / +10 silence, untouchable, cursing, blinding composit bow
Shield: none
Armor: unfrozen sniping suit
Garment: mocking muffler
Shoes: boots of hermes
Accessory: 2x crit ring / 2x brooch

Do you have any specialized MVP equipment?
none atm

What about PvP equipment?
none atm

2. About you:

Real First Name: allan
What would you like us to call you?:
Gender: M
Country: Philippines
Timezone: pacific time
Age: 20
Birthday: 03/29/89
What languages do you speak?:
Filipino, English, A bit Nihongo
Do you have any hobbies you’d like to share with us?:
Watching Anime and News
Reading random stuffs

What can we expect from you?:
I don't play as a PvP type character in out of all the guild that I've joined in ragnarok. Maybe I play as a breaker when I can fund a well equipped SinX. Most probably I'll start as a sniper until I finish making my High Priest.
I'm not a pvp type all of the MMORPG I always play as a Full Support so I have plenty of experience of it
What do you expect from us?:
I just expect this guild to be active
and friendly. I want a guild that's active in WOE as well. I don't like a guild full of trash talkers

Anything else we should know?:

3. Extra:

Referral from a friend in Pink Nightmare??


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=3 alright, you seem like a person who's worth a shot.

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