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Raenne's Application

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1 Raenne's Application on Sun Feb 14, 2010 3:04 am


Forum noob
Forum noob
1. Character Informations:

Character Name: Raenne
Class: Wanderer
Build: 120 AGI DEX, 60 VIT INT
Base/Job Level: 150/70
Is this your main char?: Nope
If not, how often do you play this alt?: more often than my main >__>

How often do you play RO in general?:
If there's a good update, I'm in Razz

What are the names and classes of the characters you play most often?:
Reia (Main) - Lv 96 High Priest
Raenne (Sec.char) - Lv 150 Wanderer

When and where are you usually ingame?: Comodo or Brasilia, around 5PM-12PM server time

How long have you been playing RO?: 2-3 years
Past servers: MysticRO, qRO, XileRO, etc
Past Guild(s): Nope

Current Guild(s): Pink Nightmare (IntenseRO) - I'm already accepted but haven't made an application :<

If this isn’t your first guild in this server, why did you leave your old guild? Pink Nightmare is my 1st guild here

Why do you think Pink Nightmare is the right guild for you?
Still don't know but it's good I think after I joined, it's friendly and fun inside Smile

How did you hear about us?:
Random invite from FlowFallFlakes LOL!

Do you like/plan on WoEing with us?:
I'm fine with that

How well can you follow instructions?:
As long as I can understand and can do it.

Do you like to participate in guild chat?:
What do u think? XD

Have you read and understood the guild rules and what is expected of you?
Yeah, I agree with these rules Smile

1a. Equipments:

Headgear: +7 Zealotus Mask, +7 Golden Bell, +7 Crown of Ancient Queen, +7 Black Cat Ears
Mid: Elven Ears
Lower: Romantic Leaf
Weapon: +7 Triple Boned Wire/Crossbow, +7 Triple Titan Crossbow, +7 Kingbird Ministrel Bow
Shield: +7 Excellent Buckler
Armor: +7 Glittering Jacket of Ifrit, +7 Deadly Tights (LOL), +7 Odin's Blessing of Ares
Garment: +7 Immune Muffler, +7 Vali's Manteau
Shoes: +7 Green Boots, +7 Vidar Boots
Accessory: Matyr's Leash
Accessory: Matyr's Leash

Do you have any specialized MVP equipment? Nope..
What about PvP equipment? Got some hydra cards in storage.

2. About you:

Real First Name: Reina
What would you like us to call you?: Raenne is fine
Gender: F
Country: Malaysia (Present)
Timezone: Same as server time
Age: 18 ( I FEEL OLD :< )
Birthday: ...
What languages do you speak?: English, Melayu (a bit)
Do you have any hobbies you’d like to share with us?: Sleeping LOL..
What can we expect from you?: expect anything, I'll do my best Smile
What do you expect from us?: a fun & friendly community is enough for me
Anything else we should know?: still a lot of privacy xD.. find them out later

3. Extra:

Referral from a friend in Pink Nightmare??
Random inv from FlowFallFlakes xD

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2 Re: Raenne's Application on Sun Feb 14, 2010 6:02 am


well, you didn't need to apply if you're in already.
But thanks for the effort <3

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3 Re: Raenne's Application on Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:23 am


Forum noob
Forum noob
formality Razz

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