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Yuu Devon's Application :D

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1 Yuu Devon's Application :D on Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:17 pm


Forum noob
Forum noob
1. Character Informations:

Character Name: Yuu Devon
Class: Shadow Chaser
Build: 120 str , 120 agi , 90 dex
Base/Job Level: 150/70
Is this your main char?: Yup
If not, how often do you play this alt?:
How often do you play RO in general?: Everyday
What are the names and classes of the characters you play most often?: Yu Devon, Aido Steelzkin
When and where are you usually ingame?: Around 9PM server time. im at Gonryun and Brasillis
How long have you been playing RO?: 3years
Past servers: aeRO , darkRO, EvangelionRO, pRO.
Past Guild(s): Dark Lynx.
Current Guild(s): None

If this isn’t your first guild in this server, why did you leave your old guild? :
.it got disbanded.

Why do you think Pink Nightmare is the right guild for you?
.Active, Fun, Friendly, Awesome. Very Happy

How did you hear about us?:
Seeing your guild in Brasillis, and by friend recommendation.(FlowFallFlakes)

Do you like/plan on WoEing with us?: Yeah. i would like to experience it again.

How well can you follow instructions?: Hmm. i always follow. but sometimes got confused.

Do you like to participate in guild chat?: i always do Very Happy

Have you read and understood the guild rules and what is expected of you?
Yes i do. Expected from me? Loyal and Noisy.

1a. Equipments:

Headgear: Succubus horn
Mid: Blinker
Lower: Romantic Leaf
Weapon: +7 Double Bloody Double Boned Blade
Shield: +7 Cranial Orleans Server
Armor: +7 Glittering Jacket (no card)
Garment: +7 immune wool scarf
Shoes: +9 tidal shoes of wanderer
Accessory: thief ring
Accessory: black cat

Do you have any specialized MVP equipment? None.
What about PvP equipment?
Mentioned Above.

2. About you:

Real First Name: Jason Earl
What would you like us to call you?: Earl
Gender: Male
Country: Philiipines
Timezone: GMT+12 i forgot >.>
Age: 17
Birthday: July 03
What languages do you speak?: English , Tagalog
Do you have any hobbies you’d like to share with us?: Edtiting (still practicing)
What can we expect from you?: Happy Go Lucky Guy
What do you expect from us?: Extremely Fun Community
Anything else we should know?: Uhh. im always happy xD

3. Extra:

Referral from a friend in Pink Nightmare??
FlowFallFlakes & Blessing WinterHeart.

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