We're sorry but the Pink Nightmare guild has been disbanded.
Our new guild is located in Moscovia.

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Official Guild Rules

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1 Official Guild Rules on Sun Feb 07, 2010 10:20 am


Guild Rules:

1. Disrespecting fellow guildies/players/ or GMs will not be tolerated in this guild.
If you have a problem with someone, find a civilized way to deal with it. If you like to cause drama and pick fights this is not the guild for you.

2. Do not share personal information.
Unnecessary or crude personal information is not to be shared within guild chat or the forums. Playing online games is about respecting each others privacy about our real lives, and I expect you all to follow that.

3. “Dating” underage guild members/ players is not acceptable.
If it is discovered that any member of this guild is “dating” another member or player who is underage you will be immediately removed from the guild and possibly reported to the servers Admin. We do not condone this sort of behavior.

4. Begging, spamming of any kind, or any other sort of annoying behavior is not allowed.

5. Refrain from swearing in guild chat.
We understand sometimes it slips out, but if anyone excessively swears or abuses the guild chat there will be consequences.

6. No KSing
KSing is annoying, rude, and selfish. We don’t want members of our guild being associated with this, so don’t do it. Use @noks and stay away from other peoples monsters.

NOTE: A monster belongs to someone if 1. it is attacking that person or 2. is being attacked by that person. Those are off limits to you unless the person dies.

7. Speak English in guild chat.
Though this is an international guild, the official language for the forums and guild chat is to be English. In PMing, public chat, ect. you are free to use whatever language you want. But out of respect to each other, only English is to be used in guild related situations.

8. Inactive members will be removed from the guild.
If you are not active in the guild for ONE MONTH without any warning you will be removed, and a PM will be sent to you in the forums. If you are still inactive after TWO MONTHS you will be removed as a “guild member” from the forums and your name will be added to the former members list. This is why it’s important for you to tell us if you’ll be away and to post some other sort of contact information so we may reach you.

9. Don’t abuse the guild.
If you constantly leave and rejoin the guild and constantly ask to switch your character in the guild eventually you will be permanently removed. If you don’t respect us, we don’t want you here.

10. Don’t get pissy over WoE.
This is not a WoE guild and we do it on a volunteer basis. It is not this guilds priority. So if someone doesn’t show, we don’t get the castle, or we just die a lot, don’t let it get to you and just have fun with it.

11. Help each other.
If someone in the guild needs help with something and it won’t inconvenience you, annoy you, or somehow cause you problems, help the person. We are supposed to be a friendly guild… So be friendly.

12. Do not ask me for a “personal title”
Getting harassed for personal titles is annoying, and we don’t have enough slots for everyone to have their own, making it unfair for newer members. If I believe someone deserves a special title I’ll tell you to pick one, not the other way around.

13. Everyone is expect to contribute to guild tax
Unless you have a real major reason to not be taxed you will be, without exception. Everyone in the guild is expected to contribute, and it’s a way to monitor member activity.

14. Do not steal/trick/fool/scam other players
This sort of behavior is absolutely not allowed in the guild. Anyone who does this will not only be kicked from the guild, but also reported.

15. Just because something isn’t in the rules doesn’t mean its fair game.
You guys know how to behave and what’s right and what’s wrong. Server rules also apply to this guild, so follow them.



Depending on the severity of the violation you may be suspended from the guild for a week, to being permanently removed, to being reported to the server Admins.

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