We're sorry but the Pink Nightmare guild has been disbanded.
Our new guild is located in Moscovia.

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Aezile Axis ver Vongola

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1 Aezile Axis ver Vongola on Wed Mar 10, 2010 12:46 pm

1. Character Informations:

Character Name: Aezile Axis ver Vongola
Class: Ranger
Build: Agi Dex Luk
Base/Job Level: 150/70
Is this your main char?: Well yeah, for the meantime
If not, how often do you play this alt?: depends on the situation, if im bored ill change on my other cahrs or just log off
How often do you play RO in general?: 8hrs, i think?
What are the names and classes of the characters you play most often?: Aezile Axis Aurelius - Rune Knight
When and where are you usually ingame?: Brasillia
How long have you been playing RO?: since 2003
Past servers: XileRO, HeimdallRO, AeRO, MyRO, pRO - valkyrie and official, iRO - valkyrie and official
Past Guild(s): Nothing, just recently created the chara a week ago, but if youre talking about the whole account it's Vongola Mafia Famiglia
Current Guild(s): N/A
If this isn’t your first guild in this server, why did you leave your old guild? N/A
Why do you think Pink Nightmare is the right guild for you?: I dont know, i think it's fun to be here
How did you hear about us?: Well, Lucy told me
Do you like/plan on WoEing with us?: If I could, why not?
How well can you follow instructions?: Just one word "Consider it done"
Do you like to participate in guild chat?: Hell yeah! Very Happy
Have you read and understood the guild rules and what is expected of you? M-hmm

1a. Equipments: Im a switcher type so theres a lot.. here goes..

Headgear: +7 Arta's Sniper Goggles/ +10 Jasper Crest
Mid: +10 Odin's Mask)still thinking about the card), Binoculars
Lower: Gang Scarf
Weapon: +10 Composite Bow, compounded with 3 abyss 1 minorous/cecildamon when ET-ing or MVP-ing|| Triple Bloody Savage Bebe for PVP
Shield: N/A
Armor: +9 Pasana Sniping Suit / +9 Sprint Mail
Garment: +9 Immune Wool Scarf
Shoes: +9 dull BLB, +9 dull sprint shoes
Accessory: Nimble Gloves
Accessory: Nimble Gloves

Do you have any specialized MVP equipment?

Well it really depends on what MVP im going to challenge
What about PvP equipment?
Already mentioned

2. About you:

Real First Name: Aezile Axis
What would you like us to call you?: Aez or Axis
Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Timezone: I dont know really but im in UK
Age: 17
Birthday: December 24, 1992
What languages do you speak?: Well a lot really but i prefer to speak in English
Do you have any hobbies you’d like to share with us?:
Well, I play basketball, tennis, badminton, volleyball, baseball, billiards, watching anime and stuff and Photoshopping xD
What can we expect from you?: I dont really know maybe to follow orders
What do you expect from us?:
Anything else we should know?: Nothing Else, im your typical Ranger on the world of i-RO

Roleplaying(ONLY fill this out if you are interested into RPing with us):
1. Have you ever roleplayed before?: well in real life and on some forums yes but in game? I dont think i've done it yet
2. What kind of RPs have you done in the past?: Hmm.. can't remember really but some of them are Anime and Manga related
3. About how many people have you RPed with at any one time?: The biggest is 20 the smallest is 7

(Please note: if you are join us because you like to roleplay, be aware that you are still required to be active in the guild in game!!)

3. Extra:

Referral from a friend in Pink Nightmare?? Lucy, i dont know her full name sorry xD

Have I done it, right?

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2 Re: Aezile Axis ver Vongola on Wed Mar 10, 2010 1:08 pm


Forum noob
Forum noob
+1 I've seen his name around. I get a good vibe from him.

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3 Re: Aezile Axis ver Vongola on Wed Mar 10, 2010 1:33 pm


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Forum Lurker
I say open the gates and let Axis in!~ I talked to him in chat, he seems pretty pro~

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4 Re: Aezile Axis ver Vongola on Wed Mar 10, 2010 1:57 pm


The people have spoken,
and I would totally loooove to have
another person to join our RP.


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