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iStephy's application

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1 iStephy's application on Thu Mar 25, 2010 10:03 pm


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Heey everyone. So this is my Pink Nightmare application ^.^ as you may have figured out my name's Stephanie; Steph or Stephy for short :]

1. Character Informations:

Character Name: Casha

Class: Biochemist

Build: Acid Demonstration

Base/Job Level: 99/67 (trying to get to 3rd job >.<)

Is this your main char?: Yeeaaas :]

If not, how often do you play this alt?:

How often do you play RO in general?: Probably like 30 minutes - 1 hour a day, depends how much time I have Razz

What are the names and classes of the characters you play most often?: Istylda (Shadow Chaser), and... some pretty lame alts, haha.

When and where are you usually ingame?: Probably leveling recently, but my save point is at the mall and I guess I could change it to amatsu :]

How long have you been playing RO?: Oh god.. like 4 years.

Past servers: RaijeRO, LennethRO, DestinaRO, AnthemRO, EsunaRO, LuminaRO... need I say more? XD

Past Guild(s): None in this server

Current Guild(s): None in this server

If this isn’t your first guild in this server, why did you leave your old guild?

Why do you think Pink Nightmare is the right guild for you?: In every server I've been in I've had a guild that has made my RO experience just so much funner because of the community. I really think this is going to be a a friendly and helpful group of people that I can contribute to as well Very Happy

How did you hear about us?: IntenseRO Forums

Do you like/plan on WoEing with us?: ABSORUTELY Very Happy

How well can you follow instructions?: Pretty well, my main language is English

Do you like to participate in guild chat?: All the time... haha

Have you read and understood the guild rules and what is expected of you? Yesss Very Happy IM NOT TOO SERIOUS! XD

1a. Equipments:

Headgear: Apple of Archer
Mid: none q.q
Lower: Romantic Leaf
Weapon: Bazerald
Shield: Naga Shield
Armor: (Whichever suits the occasion)
Garment: (Whiver suits the occasion) or Wool Scarf
Shoes: TIdal shoes with Verit
Accessory: Nimble Gloves (trying to get Orlean's)

Do you have any specialized MVP equipment? No, I'll need help with that, sorry xD
What about PvP equipment? Cranial Buckler? err.. Beret

2. About you:

Real First Name: Stephanie
What would you like us to call you?: Stephy
Gender: Female
Country: USA
Timezone: PST (-Cool
Age: 14
Birthday: 5/31/95
What languages do you speak?: English, Chinese...
Do you have any hobbies you’d like to share with us?: Dancing
What can we expect from you?: Randomness, jokes, friendlyness?
What do you expect from us?: The same, maybe some helpfulness and support here or there
Anything else we should know?: I'm dyslexic, just sayin. Haha

Roleplaying(ONLY fill this out if you are interested into RPing with us):
1. Have you ever roleplayed before?:
2. What kind of RPs have you done in the past?:
3. About how many people have you RPed with at any one time?:

(Please note: if you are join us because you like to roleplay, be aware that you are still required to be active in the guild in game!!)

3. Extra:

Referral from a friend in Pink Nightmare?? No not really but I get some information from Castilla the High Priest I believe in Amatsu. She was pretty helpful.

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2 Re: iStephy's application on Fri Mar 26, 2010 8:05 pm


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I like you, you give a very nice vibe. Let's wait and see what the others have to say about this application. ^^; Good Luck~

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3 Re: iStephy's application on Fri Apr 09, 2010 1:37 am


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Well, the 30 minutes to one hour per day activity seems a bit low to me, but I guess it can't really be held against you. We all have our own IRL issues to attend to, after all. That aside, I personally have no objections.

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4 Re: iStephy's application on Fri Apr 09, 2010 2:09 am


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Like it, good application.

You seem really nice and friendly =D

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5 Re: iStephy's application on Fri Apr 09, 2010 5:50 am


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"iStephy's application on Fri Mar 26, 2010 4:03 am"

I think it's already too late. >.<

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6 Re: iStephy's application on Sat Apr 10, 2010 1:17 am


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I had a feeling that was the case. I just thought I'd post anyway, in the event that it wasn't. =/

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7 Re: iStephy's application on Sat Apr 10, 2010 4:12 am

Yuji Jin

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welcome O.o

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8 Re: iStephy's application on Sat Apr 10, 2010 4:31 am


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Rejected, no reply in a long time

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